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This ic currently a placeholder profile until I move my LJ account.

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ageing disgracefully, alcohol, algorithms, anti id cards, apple macs, arthouse, assembler, bacon, bare feet, beer, bill bailey, bill hicks, black books, blunkett baiting, books, boots, booze, boys, bradford, british comedy, caffeine, camra, cartoons, cats, charles stross, charlie stross, cheese, chilli, chocolate, cinema, civil liberties, coffee, comedy, computer science, computers, computing, contracting, cooking, cryptography, cuddles, curry, cynicism, damaged goods, dark chocolate, debian, dilbert, douglas adams, dvds, earl grey, eating out, electronics, encryption, exim, film, films, flanders and swann, food, free software, freedom of information, geek, geek books, geeks, gin and tonic, good food, great cheese, hacking, hibernating, hugging, hunter s. thompson, information, information theory, intellectual property law reform, irc, isihac, john peel, kissing, linux, literature, london, london underground, love, lowendmac, mac os x, macs, mailing lists, malt whisky, maps, mathematics, mornington crescent, movies, neil gaiman, obsolete technology, old books, old computers, open source, oreilly books, pandas, paranoia, pasta, people-watching, perl, photography, physics, pie, pies, pizza, private eye, programming, pubs, purple, radio, radio 4, radio 4 comedy, rain, reading, real ale, richard feynman, rishathra, rot13, sausages, science fiction, sleep, sleeping, sleeping-in, snacking, spicy food, steganography, tea, tech toys, telecommuting, test match special, the bbc, the london underground, thinking, tickling, tom lehrer, traditional cider, traditional perry, travel, uk.misc, unix, uptime dsw, urban legends, usenet, vi, walking, whisky, writing, yes minister, yorkshire
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